VICC Program

FAQ:  Voluntary Student Transfer Program

What is the St. Louis Transfer Program?
The program was established to increase racial integration in our metropolitan area under a Settlement Agreement approved by the federal court in 1983.  The Agreement allows African-American students residing in the City of St. Louis to attend participating school districts in St. Louis County – providing certain eligibility requirements for behavior and residency are met. The program also allows non-African-American students who live in suburban school districts to transfer into St. Louis magnet schools.

How many Hancock Place students are served by the Voluntary Student Transfer program?
About 265 Hancock Place students are from city neighborhoods whose families are participating in the voluntary transfer program.

How is the program funded?
Funding to support the transfer program is received from the State of Missouri through its public aid sources.  State aid follows the student from their district of residence to the Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation (VICC).  VICC then reimburses Hancock for the student’s tuition – with the current reimbursement maximum allowed at $9,100.

How do students get to school?
VICC provides and pays for the transportation of students participating in the program out of the VICC budget.  The average one-way ride time is approximately 53 minutes. The goal is to schedule school bus transportation; however, cabs may be used if needed.

How does having a more diverse student population improve education for all?
Learning in a diverse classroom helps all students prepare for life in a world that is becoming increasingly global.  A variety of studies indicate that students who have had a desegregated educational experience are more likely to have positive racial attitudes and success in integrated environments throughout their lives.  A more diverse classroom help to promote greater acceptance and understanding of race and culture.

How successful is the program?
The Voluntary Student Transfer program removes barriers and gives young people from a variety of racial and cultural backgrounds the tools they need to succeed. Studies conducted by VICC and Hancock show a higher graduation rate of 84 percent in Hancock compared to 49 percent in the City of St. Louis.

How long will the voluntary program continue?
Currently, new students are eligible to be enrolled through the 2018-2019 school year with an extension of the Settlement Agreement.  Once enrolled, students may continue their education in their chosen suburban district through graduation.

How can I find out more about the St. Louis Voluntary Student Transfer Program?
Visit the VICC website.